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MW plasma technology for processing hydrogen
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Hydrogen the future energy carrier

How to get H2 the smart & more eco-friendly way?

Today´s mainly promoted H2 processes still suffer from the significant emission of CO2, directly or indirectly, as well as from the operational inefficiency. They are very energy-intensive and thus will significantly further increase future electricity demand especially from renewables to allow H2 being labelled green. At the same time H2 storage and transportation involve high energy losses, need high CAPEX and bear major risks.

It should also be noted that the much-hyped techniques currently still require water of drinking quality. Clean drinking water, an extremely limited resource. And the situation with regard to access to clean water will become globally more difficult in the near future. The use of saltwater, as currently being researched, could be a solution to avoid the use of valuable drinking water, but it does not change the enormous additional energy demand for the generation of hydrogen.

What if there is a better solution than the ones currently being widely discussed? Find it and talk about it!

Plasma decarbonisation of natural gas

Make use of natural gas a cleaner way
Talking MW – Plasma Technology and not pyrolysis

A 100% CO2-free technology for catalytic cracking of CH4 into Hydrogen plus Carbon black at low temperatures and thus significantly less energy demanding than pyrolysis processes. The energetic conversion efficiency of approx. 90% at low enthalpy reduces energy consumption and dissipated heat remarkably compared to all other processes under discussion.

H2! Plasma Tech

The „self-sufficient“, „on-demand“, „on-site“ and “at-home” CO2-free decarbonisation of natural gas by means of plasma processing represents currently one of the most energy-efficient methods of producing hydrogen – H2.

Turning natural gas into a raw material for CO2-free H2 production to feed future energy demand

Forget about combusting or flaring natural gas. Making for instance wasted flare gas a valuable resource. No gas flaring any more means tremendously improved CO2 footprint, no pollution, eliminating all negative aspects related to it, thus active environment protection.

Turning venting and flaring into electricity and clean water by means of plasma technology. Use natural gas as raw material for something better and not as fuel.

Don´t demonise it because it is fossil. Natural gas will continue to be available, produced and developed for decades to come. Infrastructures and transport routes exist, it is and will be decentralised available and used. So why not using the aforementioned to make something better out of it, a raw material for a water saving and CO2-free production of the future fuel H2.

Plasma Technology, a smart and clever way producing hydrogen decentralized, on-demand, on-site wherever H2 directly as fuel, for the production of synthetic fuels, for generating power and heat (CHP) and clean water is needed. A novel patented Technology, turning CH4 into H2 + Carbon black by means of plasma technology, energy efficient, CO2 neutral (no emission neither direct nor indirect) and capable for self-sufficient operation. An very efficient way producing hydrogen.

Suitable for use wherever natural gas is available or can be made available. There is no demand for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and no demand for “grey” electricity. Its stand-alone capability makes H2 production independent from renewables. Once power from wind, sun or water is not available, in combination with a fuel cell the units can cover their own energy needs for operation, whereby the H2 out-put is higher than the H2 consumption for operation. So, in principle there is no need for external power and a permanent CO2-free H2 production is possible.

The modular & dynamically scalable plasma units can be installed decentralized at end user spot e.g. houses, residential areas, gas stations, power stations serving e-mobility, industry plants, etc.
H2 has a high mass specific energy density but is extremely volatile. Hydrogen is also highly reactive and aggressive to many materials such as metals. Metals become brittle can form cracks and thus become not highly durable. This makes transport and storage risky. Therefore, it is best not to store or transport it, but to produce it when needed. The combination of “self-sufficient”, “on-demand” and “on-site & at-home” eliminates the need for storage and transport as well as the associated energy losses, high investments and risks.

The plasma units can be built and commissioned quickly and are widely scalable by uprating. Installations are scalable in capacity by adding modules. The H2 produced is used directly or converted into electricity. As valuable byproduct carbon is produced in the process and can be used in a CO2-neutral manner. This Carbon black is a zero CO2 raw material for sell. It is a free flowing and conductive, high purity and quality powder, with spherically shaped particles. It is good for production of toner, tires, varnish and paints, conductive and heatable wall paints, electrodes, sol-gel agents, ceramics, light-weight materials, composites, lubricants, active coal products etc. It can also be of high interest for the agriculture sector being used as “Terra Preta” for soil improvement, as humus, to reduce the need of fertilizer and last, but not least, for increasing the long-term yield.

H2! Plasma Tech

A clever, energy efficient and CO2-free way of producing H2 as carrier for feeding future energy needs.

Key Takeaways !

No combustion and flaring of natural gas anymore.

Use natural gas as raw material for something better.

Do it the clever way:
Emission-free conversion of
CH4 into 2H2 and Carbon black
by means of H2! Plasma Tech.

High energetic conversion efficiency, low temperature processing.

Self-sufficient, on-demand, on-site, at-home & scalable.

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