Process- & Workflow Optimization

„It is not enough to be good if you can do better.“

We come from the field and have learned the business from scratch. We do not stress you with theoretical approaches, in close cooperation we develop and implement solutions together with you.

What we bring along:

Indepth knowledge

  • in the development of coating processes using different methods (Arc, sputtering (dc, mf, rf), HIPIMS, duplex, PACVD hybrid (Arc/HIPIMS, PVD/PACVD))
  • in putting developments into production
  • in the application optimized adaptation of all quality-relevant production steps (pretreatment, preparation, micro structuring, surface optimization, quality assurance)
  • in the process optimized design of production processes and shop floors
  • in the setup of production lines (turn-key solutions)
  • in production coaching und operations management
  • in staff qualification
  • in manifold failure analysis and trouble shooting
  • in TPM, CIP, lean production to reduce failures and scrap rates
  • in monitoring quality

Worldwide Service for your benefit:
„OpEx, Intelligent Processes“

If you want to solve problems, you must first put them in a meaningful order.

Our services:

Support, consulting, assistance in the optimization and introduction of intelligent production and workflow processes in your own in-house production.

  • Examine the desired and current status of the production, determination of measures, taking steps, control of effectiveness and fine tuning
    – for individual process steps
    – for the entire production process
    – for interaction with technology suppliers
  • production coaching
  • staff training
  • Application-specific process optimization

Providing support

  • for quality assurance
  • for handling complaints (internal and external)
  • with regard to the introduction of CIP, TPM
  • for questions regarding applications

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