Technology: Assessment & Selection

„There's a way to do better, find it.“ *)

We have developed technologies, systems and processes in series or as customized machines and have marketed, sold and installed them worldwide. We can talk with major players at eye level.

What we bring along:

Comprehensive expertise

  • in design and production of PVD / PACVD coating equipment (Arc, sputtering (dc, mf, rf), HIPIMS, duplex, PACVD, hybrid (Arc/HIPIMS, PVD/PACVD))
  • In technology sales and marketing
  • in the set-up of production lines: on a “greenfield site“ & integration into existing lines
  • in the customer-specific design of all relevant components and all accessories
  • in the development of novel, innovative and modular machine concepts
  • in designing of customized coating machines
  • in designing machines for serial production and setting up a related production line following the lean production approach

*) Thomas A. Edison


Worldwide Service for your benefit:
„Your exclusive knowhow provider Planet PVD“

You intend to install your own coating technology, your own coating and R&D department, your own coating & competence centre, a pilot production or coating service centre?

But how to do it best?

Our services:

We offer independent support, advice and guidance from the decision-making process and selection to installation, SoP and production support.

  • feasibility study for launching into the coating business: „Make or Buy“
  • objective analysis of products and applications

Assistance in

  • the preparation of specifications and acceptance criteria
  • the identification of potential suppliers
  • the evaluation of tenders
  • the professional and technical implementation
  • the development/adaptation of customer-specific solutions
  • the pre acceptance, installation, commissioning, final acceptance
  • the training
  • the gradual conversion / takeover into the own production
  • coating and product development
  • process development

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