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high performance coatings

You are looking for independent expert knowledge in the field of high performance coatings for tools, parts and components?

Expertise Consulting Progress

You already produce high performance coatings for wear protection yourself, have them produced on a contract basis or are you considering in-house production and further dedicated development in the future?

You are looking for support from an independent expert advisor,

in the improvement of your existing products, processes, production workflows

in the application specific development of new coatings, processes and products

in bridging a knowhow gap

in the decision making process for in-house technology up to SoP

in the training of your employees (m/f/n) ?

Then touch base with us for a first non-binding exchange of ideas.

Planet PVD Coating Tech Consultancy


Our experiences for your success

Welcome to Planet PVD, the service provider for “added value by expertise”.

My name is Georg Erkens and I am looking forward to taking you on a journey through the world of Thin Film technology (PVD, PACVD-DLC) and its applications. Choose your destination, our consultancy service, and touch base with us.

Motivation was always my desire for the “NEW”. To develop something new in technology and organization, to think outside the box and to share experiences and knowledge in this journey. Besides all the technology, it is the people who make a business.

Knowledge creates values. In this sense it is my pleasure to advise and support you in gaining more knowledge for added value in your company.

Coating Consultancy Services

Planet PVD Coating Technology Consultancy provides advisory services worldwide, in the sector of PVD and PACVD – DLC process and equipment technologies for production of tool coatings and tribological thin films for components and parts. The spectrum ranges from support in the optimization and development of PVD hard coatings, DLC or ta-C films and hybrid layers considering the whole production chain including preparation, micro structuring, etc. We support the marketing process of novel coating products, we advise for the optimization of production processes, we offer independent consulting in the procurement of PVD, PACVD coating systems and turnkey installations as well as application support and training of employees, partners and customers.

PVD hardcoating on indexible inserts for metal cutting.

Coating & Product Development

Support in the development of

  • innovative hard-coatings
  • innovative products
  • adapted marketing strategies and concepts
  • new applications
PVD hardcoating on cutting tools, inserts and endmill.

Process & Workflow Optimization

Evaluation & optimization of

  • PVD coating processes
  • production processes and workflows
  • outsourced services
  • quality control and quality assurance
Consulting the procurement of PVD and DLC coating technology.

Assessment & Selection

Consulting & Support    

  • in the decision-making process for In-House and Turnkey solutions
  • in specification and tech selection
  • vendor selection
  • acceptance, commissioning until SoP
Photo lettering interim: Interim management in PVD and DLC coating technology.

Management Support

Provision of

  • short-term management knowhow and expertise

Exchange of Ideas

on the potential of PVD/DLC technology vs. electrochemistry, electroplating

  • as a complementary technique
  • as a support in the scope of duplex applications

on the general component design best suited for coating deposition

on the technique for the production of “lab grown” CVD diamonds

Training PVD and DLC coating technology both in theory and practice.

Training & Seminars

International knowledge transfer    

  • in “Industrial Plasma-Surface Technology”, PVD-, PACVD- processes
  • in-service training of employees at all levels
  • seminars for customers and partners
  • shop-floor training

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