Coating- & Product Development

"Material refurbishment by coating, that's a thing of the past. The future belongs to optimized material composites using PVD coating technologies".

What we bring along:

More than 30 years of experience

  • in the international market of PVD/PACVD thin films for high performance applications
  • in the development of excellence coatings
  • in micro-structuring and surface optimization
  • in development and innovation management of groundbreaking,
    partially disruptive composite solutions in the field of hard coatings and
    multifunctional coatings for a wide range of applications and industries
  • in bilateral and multilateral development cooperation with customers,
    partners and research institutes at national and international level
  • in product development, strategic marketing and product launch

  • in the application of high-performance wear protection and tribological coatings for
  • • cutting, shaping, stamping. molding and pressing tool
  • • components in mechanical and medical engineering, in aerospace, in the automotive, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries

Worldwide Service for your benefit:
„Best in Class“

Our service:

Support, advice and assistance both in the innovation process in your own in-house production and in the development process with external service contractors.

  • coating recommendation (insourced, outsourced)
  • application specific coating selection and development
  • create specifications, new development of PVD/PACVD hard coatings, preparation, micro-structuring, coating material & process, post-treatment, surface optimization
  • selection, evaluation and quality control of solutions that are available on the market
  • strategic marketing concepts

Expert assessment in the evaluation

  • of coated products with regard to quality, adhesion, wear and wear pattern
  • of competitive coatings and products
  • of potential options for product optimization
  • of quality in general and quality control

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